Bosch Garden Shredder - 2500W Quiet Shredder AXT 25D.

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Bosch Garden Shredder - 2500W Quiet Shredder AXT 25D

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Brief Description

The new Bosch Quiet Shredder AXT 25 D is ideal for hardwood branches up to 38mm in diameter. It has a patented fast feed hopper, which has automatic feed that has been developed for high material throughput of up to 190kg/h.

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Full Description

The new Bosch Quiet Shredder AXT 25 D is ideal for hardwood branches up to 38mm in diameter. It has a patented fast feed hopper, which has automatic feed that has been developed for high material throughput of up to 190kg/h.

The optimised cutting drum system is quiet and custs and crushes in one go, producing biologically high-quality shredder material.

Product Features

Cut & Crush drum cutting system
Self feeding & quiet for most convenient shredding
Induction motor and up to 40mm cutting diameter
For powerful shredding of woody material
Patented detachable hopper
Fast, convenient feeding and compact storage
Integrated 53 L collection box
For easier handling of shredded material & hopper storage
Patented box interlock mechanism
For easy access and handling
Touch pad controls with pulse reverse
Easy to use and control unblocking

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More Details

Product Specification
Motor: 2500 W
Cutting Diameter: 40 mm
Throughput: 190 Kg/h
Weight -25 Kg
Drum Cutting system
Collection box - 50 L


Most Recent Customer Reviews

(5 out of 5)
Does exactly what it says on the box; when you finally fight your way in, I found it a bugger to unpack on my own, due to its weight and the way it was boxed. I have well over 600ft of grossly overgrown privet, hawthorn and other type of hedging. The amount of wood that the machine is coping with brilliantly is staggering. The hedging is between 15 and 25ft high by up to 4 to 6ft wide; it is being reduced to 5ft high by approx 1.5ft wide to comply with local council statutes. It doesn't cope well with really small stuff but when its mixed in with the bigger stuff, it copes just fine.
Reviewed By John from Brentwood
Review Date Thursday, August 22, 2013

(1 out of 5)
It has been a great disappointment. Given any new wood to shred (e.g. prunings from a shrub)it just notches the stems without breaking them, passes them as far as it can through into the box and then blocks up. And you can't see that this is happening. It works fast but any time you save is spent unblocking and restarting. I cannot believe it is the Which Best Buy.
Reviewed By Alastair from Evesham
Review Date Thursday, July 18, 2013

(4 out of 5)
This is a repeat purchase, I agree with other reviews and sites that it's excellent. I just hope this one lasts a bit longer. My first lasted 2 and a half years. I probably abused it on more than a few occasions with too thick or dried out hardwood. I promise to be more considerate this time round. The price had increased considerably over the time between purchases. Not sure if I got a great deal first time round, or not such a good one this time. When my old one broke it was best priced at garden4less, so no point wondering about it now. I stripped the old one for some parts, as recommended by another site. So I might be saved the price of a new cutter or plate, switch etc. IF it doesn't break for some other reason.
Reviewed By Derek from Haywards Heath
Review Date Thursday, December 27, 2012

(5 out of 5)
Very impressed, this really eats through the works. Damp stuff and it gets a bit cloggy but clearing it is a doddle. I've no idea what trees or shrubs I've fed it but it's dealt with them all so far.
Reviewed By Ray from Boliqueime
Review Date Monday, December 17, 2012

(5 out of 5)
Very efficient machine. One minor fault, I would have preferred the switches to be on the front.
Reviewed By Walter from DRIFFIELD
Review Date Wednesday, September 19, 2012

(3 out of 5)
I must admit to being a little disappointed with this machine. I had an earlier version of this machine which worked extremely well, but the cutting of this supposedly more powerful machine is inferior. The cutting mechanism is good, but the main problem is the constant clogging of the cutting area. The machine cannot be run without the collecting bin in place and the shredded material just collects below the cutter. Hence the bin needs to be emptied when less than half full. A good example of 'improvements' leading to a less good product.
Reviewed By ROGER from WINSCOMBE
Review Date Tuesday, August 21, 2012

(4 out of 5)
Easy to use and wheel about and is pretty quiet. Does need unclogging if you use too much soft material but this is as per the specification. If you need one, its good value for money and does the job.
Reviewed By Karen from Barmouth
Review Date Saturday, May 12, 2012

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