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Rain & Drain: Tropical Planter

Product Code : GS300UB Barcode : 5060174330353

Image of Rain & Drain: Tropical Planter
Small Image of Rain & Drain: Tropical Planter

This super-aerated planter is perfect for adventurous gardeners who want to grow unusual plants such as tropical fruit, ginger and hot chillies.You'll be able to set the timer to feed the plants little and often, see how the rate of water and nutrient take-up changes as the plants develop, and your harvest will be 3-4x bigger.

You'll need a power supply in your greenhouse or polytunnel because the planter contains a small pump which costs a few pennies a day to run and you'll be more than repaid by the bigger crops of exotic plants.

Small: L55.5cm x W46cm x H29cm
Large: L71cm x W71cm x H26.5cm

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Product Description

At first glance the Rain & Drain looks like a normal planter, but it produces much bigger harvests thanks to the timer-controlled pump and the pebbles which are used instead of soil. Your plants will be watered up to 15 x per day, with any excess water quickly draining through the pebbles and back into the reservoir.

The frequent watering makes the Rain & Drain ideal for growing tropical edibles such as ginger, cape gooseberry, lemongrass, melon pear, papaya, babaco and musk melon because you can set the timer to mimic the conditions of a tropical environment without the risk of over-watering.

Plants in a Rain & Drain are never short of water or nutrients and the free-draining pebbles mean the roots have excellent access to oxygen and are never over-watered.Every time the plants are watered and the excess water drains into the reservoir fresh air is pulled down into the root area giving the roots an extra boost. As a result plants grow more quickly and produce 3x bigger harvests.

Because you won't be using soil you'll need the plant feed that we include instead. The plant feed that we provide includes all of the elements that a plant needs for healthy growth. You'll empty and refill the planter reservoir every 3 or 4 weeks, so no nutrient elements are ever too depleted or too concentrated. The plant feed will last a season.

The power consumption is very low, the Rain & Drain costs pennies a day to run and you'll be more than repaid by the huge harvests you'll produce.

Your Rain & Drain Planter includes everything you need:
Rain & Drain planter with pump and timer
Jargon-free instructions
pH testing kit and pH corrector
6 litres of reusable clay pebbles - to be used instead of soil
2.5 Llitres of concentrated plant nutrients - sufficient for one season