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Reduce the Carbon Footprint when Choosing a Water Butt

One of the common reasons for buying a water butt is to conserve water, the average UK consumer water usage is now around 160 litres per day compared with 140 litres per day in the 80s. It is important we make these changes in our lifestyle so that we can ensure that we have a sustainable water supply in the future and also save us money on our water meter. But saving water isn't the only consideration you should make when purchasing a water butt...

Reducing the Carbon Footprint

One thing that most people do not consider when starting out to conserve water is the carbon footprint of the water butt. In the middle of summer when water butt sales are at a peak garden4less.co.uk has 40 foot lorries delivering butts every other week. This isn't purely down to the demand on water butts its largely due to the size and shape of the old style barrel water butts. In essence the lorries are travelling around the UK filled with air and leaving a carbon footprint!!

However things are changing.

Changes in technology and the manufacturing process means that new stackable water butts are becoming available, the space taken up in a lorry by the old style 210 litre barrel water butts can now be used to transport up to 5 of the new style stackable butts.

This means that for every lorry load of the new eco friendlier stackable butts 4 lorries of the old style can be taken off the road!! Click here to view the new stackable options and start removing lorries off our roads.

Other Ways to Conserve Water

Take a shower instead of a bath.
Fix leaking taps around the home
When buying a new washing machine take note of its energy efficiency and save both water and electricity.
Keeping cool water in the fridge stops you having to run tap the tap for a while until it starts to run cold.
Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.
One third of a households water is flushed down the toilet, don't flush unnecessarily. Often new toilet have two flush options with a short water saving flush and a full flush.

Additional Benefits of Stored Water

Acid Loving plants prefer rain water over Hard tap water.
Rainwater is better for topping up ponds than chemically treated tap water.


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