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Parasene Soil Warming Cable - 3m Length 50 Watts

Product Code : 210/3M Barcode : 5014143002109

Image of Parasene Soil Warming Cable - 3m Length 50 Watts
Small Image of Parasene Soil Warming Cable - 3m Length 50 Watts
94.7% from 30 reviews

Parasene Soil Warming Cable gives you the heat necessary for the propogation of seeds and cuttings. Available in 3m, 6m, 12m and 24m lengths.

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Product Description

A Paraserne soil warming cable is the ideal way to propagate seeds and cuttings on a greenhouse bench or in a Parasene cold-frame. the soil in the greenhouse takes time to warm up naturally; with a soil warming cable you are able to plant earlier and raise better specimens

Provides warmth For your own propagator frame
Easy to assemble
Economical to run
Ideal for use with the Parasene Thermostat
Suitable for use in moist conditions.

Available in 3m, 6m, 12m and 24m lengths.

More Information

A simple frame can be constructed from wood to form the propagating area required, which is then lined with polythene. the cable is laid onto 5cm of sharp sand (horticultural) and covered with a further 5 cm of sand.

Cable is laid in runs 7.5-10cm apart. this layout will allow you to raise the soil temperature by 11-13ºC assuming a greenhouse temperature of 7ºC.

Higher temperatures can be achieved by laying the cable runs as close together as 5cm. in this case a Parasene thermostat should be used to precisely control the soil temperature; meeting the differing germination requirements of various varieties.

Parasene's Soil Warming Cables are safe to use without a thermostat as they have an automatic thermal cut-off point of 25.5ºC/78ºF. However, for more precise control over soil temperature, to cater to the specific germination requirements of certain seed types for example, the use of a thermostat is recommended.

Product Reviews

Parasene Soil Warming Cable - 3m, 6m, 12m & 24m

Overall rating    94.7% from 30 reviews

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