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NT Labs Oxygen Test

Product Code : RH074 Barcode : 733809002875

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Easy to use
Accurate results to 0.5ppm
Liquid reagents
Contains 25 Tests

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Product Description

The NT Labs Oxygen Test provides a simple easy to use testing kit for determining Oxygen levels in fish and koi ponds. The NT Labs Pond Oxgen Test Kit comes complete with colour coded test tube and liquid reagents to provide accurate results for 25 tests.
Oxygen is essential for the fish, plants and filter bacteria of your pond. The concentration of dissolved oxygen in the water can drop to dangerous levels causing hypoxia stress. This can leave them vulnerable to diseases and in extreme cases cause death. Ponds with consistently low levels of oxygen can frequently become stagnant and unable to support life.
There are many factors which can influence the amount of oxygen that water can hold. In a pond the most critical is the temperature of the water. The warmer the water the less oxygen it can hold. Levels of oxygen can become low in ponds at night when photosynthetic activity of the plants and algae stops, but the continue to use oxygen as part of normal respiration.
Ponds with an excessive build up of detritus and sludge in the filters and substrate can become very oxygen poor as the breakdown of this waste uses up large uses up large amounts of oxygen. Ponds can become very low in oxygen in hot, humid, thundery weather as the air pressure is very low so the gas exchange capacity at the water surface is greatly reduced.