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Brinkmann Smoke and Grill Tips

Brinkmann Smoker and Grill Fantastic! You've purchased one of the Brinkmann Smoker n Grill sets! If used correctly, your barbecues will never be the same again. The versatile little unit is great at cooking a range of food, used as a smoker, a waist high barbecue grill, or even as a portable barbecue, but how can you get the most out of your new Brinkmann?

Treat Before Use

Resist the urge to unpack your Brinkmann and light it up straight away. You'll do yourself a huge favour if you spend five minutes quickly treating the unit before lighting it.

It's a simple process that involves getting a dry cloth and dipping it in a bit of olive or vegetable oil. Use this to lightly spread the oil around the inside the body of the smoker, and this will prevent the paint from burning and releasing unwanted smells inside the unit, possibly ruining your food in the process! It will give the Brinkmann a bit of protection against rust too. You can do an initial cook with or without food to let the oil cure the smoker.

Setting up

Now that you've treated the unit, you are ready to start cooking! Start by adding coal to the base and lighting it. You can use paper lights or barbecue briquettes. With the Brinkmann, lighting fluid is not recommended - especially the gel types. The fluid will release a nasty smell when it's burned, and this will marinate its way into your meats, and you wouldn't want that! However you light the coals, make sure they are hot but NOT flaming before you place the rest of the unit on top.

HOVER TEXT HERE Next you will want to fill the porcelain coated bowl with water. To speed up the process you can use boiling water if you wish. Fill the bowl around three quarters full and place inside the body of the unit.

Once the water has been put into place, you will want to add some wood to the coals to get that smoke going! Wood should be soaked for around half an hour prior to adding it to the coal; this will prevent the wood from flaming and producing unwanted extra heat inside the smoker. Shake off the excess water and place three to five chunks of wood onto the coal. You can add more if you want a strong smoked flavour. In terms of size, each chunk should nicely fit in the palm of your hand, or if it's a stick, aim for pieces around three to four inches long and no more than an inch thick.

Now that the wood has been added, lift the body of the unit on top of the base containing coal and lock down the sides. Be careful when lifting not to spill the water which you should have placed inside the Brinkmann earlier. This may put out the coals, or worse, burn you if it's already hot.

Pop in the chrome plated griddles and add your meat, and now you're cooking! A typical time to cook meat can take from two to four hours, depending on size, what meat you're cooking and your own personal preferences. Resist the temptation to lift the lid, as this will release the smoke inside as well as the heat, making the overall cook time longer.

For meat such as pork, a meat thermometer is recommended to check the internal heat of the cut, reducing the risk of food poisoning.

Smoking Tips

Smoking Wood Chips Many users question what kind of wood is best for smoking. In fact, there are a number of different types of wood will work like a charm when used to smoke your meats. Some of the best kinds are oak, hickory and mesquite. Try to experiment to find your favourite flavours. Woods obtained from fruit or nut trees can produce some immense flavours. Wood which is obtained from resinous trees, such as pine, is not recommended as this will produce an unpleasant taste.

You can also try soaking your wood in different things. It is recommended that chips are soaked in water to stop them flaming, as this can produce unwanted extra heat. However, you can also soak them in cider, which will add to the flavours of the smoke released. Whatever you choose to soak them in, just remember to shake off excess liquid so ensure the coals don't go cold.

The sizes of wood should be three or four inches long and around an inch thick. Three or four chunks at a time is enough to produce a great smoky flavour. Some people prefer smaller chips with larger amounts, but these may need replacing more frequently. As mentioned, it's all about experimenting to figure out what works for you!

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