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Hozelock Watering

The new grey auto reels - Image

Auto Reels

New Grey Models

Auto Reels are our best selling hose reel, favoured by gardeners because they smoothly retract the hose for you. They are available in 10, 20, 30 and 40 metre lengths, making them ideal for all sizes of garden.
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The new easy drip irrigation system - Image


Easy Drip System

The Easy Drip watering system makes watering your garden simple. Adaptable, extendable and controllable ,this automatic watering solution allows gardeners to develop a system that meets their exact needs.
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Hozelock have over 50 years of horticultural expertise, making them one of the UK's leading and most trusted gardening equipment manufacturers. Their pride in craftsmanship is cemented by the fact that 75% of their products are still manufactured in Britain.

They have combined their knowledge and experience with innovation to develop a comprehensive range of gardening products that are striking and practical. Built to last, Hozelock's product range comprises of practically everything any serious gardener requires for their gardening and watering needs.

Their speciality lies in garden watering and have been providing gardeners with watering solutions for decades. Their product portfolio consists of a huge variety of automatic and manual watering products perfect for keeping your garden healthy.

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    Hose Reels

    Hozelock manufacture a wide and versatile range of hose reels perfect for all sizes of gardens. Their range includes wall mounted, free standing and wheeled hose carts and reels in a number of capacities suitable for all requirements.

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  • Buy hosepipe

    Hose Pipe

    Designed by gardeners, for gardeners, this is a range of garden hosepipe that caters for all budgets and requirements. Including our most popular hose, the all singing all dancing Ultimate hose, which is both kink and crush resistant.

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  • Buy fittings and accessories

    Fittings and Accessories

    Hozelock began their business with the humble hose fitting which they still manufacture today. They also have a extensive range of fittings and accessories to meet all gardeners requirements.

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  • Buy sprinklers


    A garden sprinkler is often the easiest and quickest means of watering your garden. We have a wide range of oscillating, spike, round and pulsating sprinklers designed to water all sizes of gardens and lawns.

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  • Buy spray guns

    Spray Guns & Nozzles

    An assortment of spray guns and nozzles that feature a variety of spray patterns for different watering tasks. From the standard rose pattern to a jet spray, we have you covered whatever the job is at hand.

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  • Buy hose car washing kit

    Car Cleaning

    Car cleaning has evolved from the bucket and sponge. A variety of accessories are available to make cleaning your car easy and fun. This range of tools includes a variety of brushes, each designed to clean a specific part or type of vehicle.

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  • Pumps for Flood and Water Butts

    Garden Pumps

    Garden pumps perform a variety of tasks such as draining flood water, clearing ponds or using conserved water to irrigate your garden. They are practical and help to save money and the environment.

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  • Sprayers for pest and weed control

    Garden sprayers

    Garden sprayers are ideal for applying fertilisers, treatments and general irrigation to delicate plants. Available in a number of sizes, either hand held or knapsack, these garden sprayers are perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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Image of automatic watering

Automatic Watering

Automatic watering systems take the effort out of watering your garden. If you are tired of manually watering your plants or you are going away, an automatic watering system is the perfect solution for you.

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Image of pond aquatics

Pond Aquatics

A garden pond can transform the ambience of any garden. Hozelock Cyprio is a world renowned brand of pond equipment supplying everything necessary to keep your pond water clear and your fish healthy.

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