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Hozelock Easy Drip Watering System

Hozelock's Easy Drip System has been designed to be simple to plan and simple to set up. You can build the system from scratch or start with a kit and add to it as needed. The Easy Drip System is easy to adapt, control and extend.

Before setting up, plan your route from your water supply to your plant using the available pipe and connectors. Then select the best drippers to use to provide water to the plants. The 'universal dripper' connects straight to the larger pipe and spurts water out in multiple directions. The micro dripper fits to the smaller 4mm pipe to provide a steady flow of up to 20lph.

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What can I water with this system?

Easy Drip is great for targeted watering where plants or vegetables in beds, borders, baskets and pots need irrigating but for larger areas such as a lawn we would recommend an alternative solution such as lawn sprinklers, or for hedges we would recommend soaker hose.


All of the components are listed on this page, the only other component that could be added to enhance the system would be a watering timer. Adding a timer will automate the watering process so that it comes on at set intervals.

Act Now

If your asking yourself why you have spent all these years wondering around the garden with a spray gun manually watering your plants then the solution is here and ready for you to order today and have set up in no time at all.

Don't waste another summer staring at the ground watering for hours on end. Not only will you enjoy the extra free time in the garden, your plants will also appreciate the regular daily direct watering.

Although Hozelock's Easy Drip System is new, we have been selling and advising customers on automatic watering for over 10 years. There is nothing we don't know about getting you set up. If you have a question then just us a call.

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