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At Garden4less

We know just how important your garden is to you. Of course, a huge part of maintaining your lawn, flowers and vegetables is watering them, so to make sure your garden gets the best, we only provide the best.

With a wide range of products, such as automatic watering systems, hosereels, waterbutts, sprinklers and more, we are confident that we will be able to cover your every need. What's more, with a huge selection from top quality brands including Hozelock and Claber, you can rest assured that all of the products you purchase will have been made to a professional standard.

We also post a number of videos to our website, demonstrating how to set up and get the most out of your products, so even after you've made your purchase we'll be with you every step of the way.

Speak with a Garden4Less expert today about which watering products would be best suited to your needs.

Our Watering Manufacturers

The vast majority of our watering products are made by Hozelock, a UK manufacturer of gardening supplies covering garden watering, pressure sprayers, pond equipment and high pressure washers. Over 75% of Hozelock products are made in Britain. Hozelock have been manufacturing since 1959 and are renowned for the quality of their garden watering products and hose connectors. It's because of Hozelock commitment to quality and British manufacture that we have selected them as our main supplier of garden watering products. However, we also stock a selection of watering products online from other smaller manufacturers where they complement our range.

Which is the best Hose Reel?

There is no best reel for sale; everybody has their own requirements from a hose reel and it is for this reason that we stock such a broad range. The first question you need to ask yourself is: 'how far do you need the hose to reach and where are you going to situate the reel?'

The main solutions for a hose reel are wall mounted, free standing or a hose cart that can be moved around. With each of these options there are then a range of hose lengths to cater for different needs and a number of different options on how the hose can be wound back onto the reel. Many customers are pleased with a manual winding system, while others choose to make life easier with a Hozelock Auto Reel which automatically rewinds the hose back onto the reel.

Are all Hosepipes the same?

At Garden4less we supply a wide variety of hosepipes to meet different budgets and requirements. The Hozelock Maxi is the entry level hose which is a quality garden hose suitable for gardening and car washing. The Flexi Pro is at the other end of the scale and offer the ultimate 5 layer knitted hose. It is extra thick, it doesn't kink or twist and offers maximum protection and toughness. Hozelock also manufacture speciality hose such as soaker hose and sprinkler hose, these tend to be used to water beds, borders, new hedges and vegetable patches.

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