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Hozelock Wall mounted and Freestanding Hose Reels and Carts

We sell a wide range of hose reel and carts suitable for all of your watering needs. We sell reels and carts that come with hoses, or empty with various capacities and lengths - we have all requirements covered.

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Hozelock Hose Reels

The task of watering your garden will be made a whole lot easier with this range of Hozelock Hose Reels. Choose from a range of hose sizes and reel types for the ultimate garden watering experience.


Hozelock produces a wide range of Manual Hose Reels, including Wall-Mounted and Free-Standing. Those with a hose included range from 10m to 60m in length, covering large and small gardens.


Hozelock Auto Reels are a great time saving device that take the strain out of winding your hose after use. The hose can be locked into place while in use, so you don't have to fight against the winding mechanism while using it. Hose lengths range from 10m to 40m.

Fast Reel

The Hozelock Fast Reel comes in three types: Wall Mounted, Free Standing Cart, and Free Standing. The reel comes complete with self-layering technology, making hose re-wind quick, clean and efficient.

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