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We have many years experience selling outdoor covers online. Back in 2004, when garden4less was first established, we initially sold watering systems and covers. Now, many years on with nearly 20,000 products listed, we are still helping customers everyday with their cover requirements.

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Measuring your garden furniture

We can't emphasise enough how important it is to measure your furniture before buying a cover. Even though a cover may be listed as suitable for a 6 seater set, it won't necessarily be the perfect fit for your set as there are so many designs of furniture on the market. Checking the dimensions before ordering will save you time and money spent sending back an unsuitable cover.

Where it is stated that a cover is for a set, this includes the chairs and you will need to include your chairs placed around your table in your measurements. If your measurements don't quite match the dimensions of the cover you are looking at, try pulling the chairs out away from the table slightly where the cover is too large, or push the chairs further under the table where the cover is too small and measure again.

Please also be aware that when a cover states that it is a rectangular or circular furniture cover, this means that it will fit a set of that shape. The cover itself will, mostly likely, not be circular or rectangular. This is because they are designed to fit around a table that also has chairs around, so the cover is designed and cut to take this into account.

Why so many types of covers?

Each range of covers is designed for a different purpose. At the lower end of the price range the cover is designed to meet a budget. Many of the budget covers are made of the more basic style plastic backed material and as you make your way up the price range you get to the breathable canvas style cover that allows your outdoor wooden furniture to breathe. We also offer a variety of colours, the most popular being the traditional green or black.

Returning a cover

Don't worry if your cover doesn't fit. We will take it back up to 90 days after delivery should you decide that the cover isn't for you. Simply return the unused cover back to us in its original packaging and we can either arrange a refund or help find an alternative cover from our range. Please note that the 90 days applies to all covers sold by garden4less only, other merchants selling through the garden4less site may have different returns policies.

Water shedding poles

A heavy duty water shedding pole is included with some covers, check on the description to ensure it is included if one is required. The shedding pole is designed to lift the cover about the height of the chair to help the cover shed rain rather than allowing it to pool on the table.

Some are fitted into the parasol hole of your table, however many of the newer covers come with one that stands on the table. These newer shedding poles are suitable for tables with or without a parasol hole.

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