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Hozelock Pressure Sprayers

A pressurised garden sprayer is the perfect tool for administering treatments, fertilisers and general irrigation to tender plants. They can be used indoor and out and our range of sprayers vary in capacity and are either hand held or a knapsack sprayer

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Hozelock Pressure Sprayers

Hozelock Pressure sprayers are versatile garden tools that can be used to administer water, fertilizer or specialised treatments to your lawn or plants. With containers ranging in sizes, either in handheld or backpack formats, you will be sure to find a sprayer to suit your gardening needs.


Handheld Hozelock Pressure Sprayers incorporate a number of high quality easy to use practical features, including dosing cap, 'last use' indicator, ergonomic foot grips and innovative last drop technology. They can have a On/Off Trigger Spray for continuous spraying, and a Spray Lance for accurate application.


Backpack Hozelock Pressure Sprayers feature the same ease of use technology, with the added appeal that they can be conveniently carried on your back. They feature contoured containers, shaped to fit comfortably on the back with adjustable straps.

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