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Hozelock Garden Hose

A garden hose is a fundamental piece of kit for watering your garden. We have a good range of garden hosepipes starting with a standard starter hose going through to a supreme quality ultimate hose. All of our hose comes in a range of lengths making them suitable for all sizes of garden

Hozelock Garden Hose

Leading gardening expert Hozelock can help you keep your garden looking at its luscious best with its range of hoses. Watering has never been so easy – choose from Tradition or Alternative style hoses, in a range of sizes to suit you.

Hozelock Garden Hose – Traditional

Hozelock’s Tradition style garden hoses come in four types:

  • Starter Hose: This is a multi-purple garden hose, with 4 layers of braided re-enforcement, making it very hard wearing. It is weatherproof, with UV and frost protection.
  • Ultraflex: This hose is a flexible, anti-kink hose which is easy to use and manoeuvre around the garden. Soft & Flex technology makes this hose light and flexible, while it is also weather proof, with UV and frost protection.
  • Ultramax: This is a robust anti-crush hose that is perfect for all domestic use. It is tough and durable, and anti-kink hose - Soft & Flex technology makes this hose light and flexible. It is also weather proof, with UV and frost protection.
  • Ultimate: For when only the ‘best’ will do this ultralite, flexible and robust hose is perfect for garden and domestic use. Robust, flexible, and ultralite, this anti-kink hose utilizes Soft & Flex technology, providing superb kink resistance. It is weather proof with UV and frost protection.

Hozelock Garden Hose – Alternative

Hozelock’s Alternative garden hoses come in 2 types:

  • Tuffhoze: This advanced hybrid garden hose, combines the best of two hose technologies – Traditional PVC and Textile.It is up to 50% lighter compared to traditional hoses, is kink free and easy to manoeuvre. Super tough and durable, it is made with Tuff-Fibre Durable Woven Fibre Technology.
  • Superhoze: This expanding hose can expand up to x3 its original length and quickly shrinks back to its original size after use. It never kinks or tangles, ensuring continuous water flow. Manoeuvring and watering around the garden is easy due to its lightweight construction, while its guaranteed leak-free fittings ensure a water tight connection.

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