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Charcoal vs. Gas Barbcues

It is the age old grillers debate: charcoal vs. gas. All barbecue cooks will have a preferred fuel type and will put argue why theirs is superior. Purist grillers tend to favour charcoal for the authentic taste it provides, whereas the more modern BBQ chef may favour gas for the convenience factor. The truth is, both fuel types provide fantastic results, but have different pros and cons
Charcoal is favoured by many grills for its authenticity and the taste that it gives food. There is something rather primitive and romantic about cooking with coals and they give the chef an authentic experience that cannot be matched when using a gas grill. Now your don't even have to wait hours for your coals to be at cooking temperature, as a chimney starter will have them ready in around 20 minutes.

Gas grills offer ultimate convenience and temperature control. Simply push a button, turn a knob and you are ready to grill. It is simple to control the temperature with a gas grill and the flames can be altered by the turning the control knob. It is this accuracy in temperature control that has many chefs favouring gas over charcoal. In theory burnt steaks should be a thing of the past

Smokers and Smoking food

Smoking food at home has been big in the states for years and over the last few years the craze has made its way over the pond to the UK. Cooking low and slow is one of the best ways to cook flavoursome, tender food, and adding a smoky flavour takes the food to a whole new flavour dimension. Home smoked meats are a sensation and really do out shine anything cooked in a domestic oven.

Once you start smoking food at home we are certain you will not stop, in fact, it can become something of an addition. You can smoke food on a standard kettle or gas barbecue using accessories, but the best results come from a specialised smoker. With various different wood chips you will soon be experimenting finding new flavour combinations and cooking with all sorts of meats, fish or vegetables

Barbecue Accessories

Make lighting, cooking on and even cleaning your barbecue easy, enjoyable and hassle free with our wealth of barbecue accessories. Whether you have a charcoal or gas BBQ, smoker or even a pizza oven we have the tools to enhance your cooking experience.

From poultry roasters and rotisseries to burger presses and pizza stones, our accessory range includes everything needed to help you effortlessly prepare and cook your favourite meals on your BBQ. The range is so vast and diverse your cooking options will be broadened and soon you will be cooking dishes on your barbecue that you previously thought to be impossible.

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