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Self-propelled lawn-mowers: Pros and Cons.

Push Lawn Mower Propelled lawnmower

Self-propelled lawnmowers: Pros and Cons

Many lawnmowers in the current day and age are self-propelled, meaning they take all of the hard work of out mowing the lawn. There's no need to push, you just simply walk behind the mower and steer where necessary. There a number of pros to self-propelled mowers that vastly outweigh the cons, it's just all about making sure you have the right lawnmower for your needs.

Things to Consider

- Size of my garden.

- Shape and layout of my garden.

- Suitability for the user.

- Cordless or mains-powered.

- Additional features.


As mentioned, one of the great things about the self-propelled mowers is the lack of pushing involved, especially for larger gardens or ones that are on an inclined slope - nobody wants to trudge a lawn mower up and down a hill. What many fail to realise is that the self-propelling motion means that the cut will have a smoother and more even finish due to the lack of stopping, starting, pushing and pulling. With a battery powered self-propelled mower, this is improved upon again because there isn't a wire being dragged through the lawn.

With a conventional mower, you don't benefit from the above features, but you do have a little more control over the speed, when to stop and when to start. Cornering or mowing oddly shaped spaces can occasionally be easier with a standard push mower too, as you don't have to fight against the drive of the wheels.


Generally, the best suited gardens for self propelled mowers are those with large or square-shaped spaces, or if the garden is located on a sloping plane. A self-propelled mower can also be a fantastic tool for an elderly person, as the self-propelled motion will take the strain out of pushing. However, for those who are a little unsteady on their feet, it can sometimes be a better idea to use a push-style lawnmower with which they will have greater control over the movement speed.


If you're looking for a top quality self-propelled lawnmower, garden4less recommends the Cobra 18" Cordless lawnmower. Not only does the Cobra tick all boxes of a good self-propelled lawnmower, its four-wheel drive motor makes it especially good for uphill gardens. The Cobra also doubles as a mulcher if desired, allowing the user to choose between having the clippings to be deposited into a collection bin or cut finely and then lightly dispersed back into the lawn, improving the quality of the soil underneath. It is lightweight and cordless, making it a great choice for domestic use.

More information about the cordless Cobra Lawnmower can be found here.

If you're still unsure of which type of lawnmower is best-suited to your needs, call 01283 543974 to speak with a garden4less expert today.

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