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While most services are back in full swing, there are still some delays and knock on effects from Covid-19

Due to ongoing world issues, some of our deliveries may be delayed by our suppliers providing us with stock. We are working as hard as we can to process orders in a timely manner and get them shipped out to you. Delivery companies are also experiencing a high workload and delays, which may also impact on our estimated times. Please allow for some delay before contacting regarding your delivery as it should arrive when expected or very soon after.

An item listed for delivery in a month e.g 'May' instead of a number of days is a pre-order item. This is the month that we expect to receive the item to us and get it to you. The timings of these are rough as it's based on when it's expected to arrive to us after being shipped from China. We endeavour to keep you updated about the delivery of this with emails when we have updates of each stage.

It can take 6-8 weeks for it to arrive in the UK after being shipped and then a further 2-3 to arrive to us. However, if there are any container shortages, port congestions etc. these can cause delays. If there is a delay and you haven't heard from us, please know that we are chasing it and will contact as soon as we have information or it has been a while.
We hope that this year we won't have the same delays as last year but will keep you updated throughout.

After it arrives in the UK, we'll get a call to book it in and we can give you an expected date for us to receive it and therefore an estimate for when you will. This is normally a couple of weeks before it's due as it takes a while to clear port and arrive to us. These dates don't normally change but on the rare occasion that containers do not arrive when expected or cancel last minute, we will rearrange it for as soon as possible and try to give you a new update.

If it's an item to be booked in for delivery, we will phone you to arrange this and ship it out accordingly. If it's not one of those, then you will receive a dispatched email once it has been shipped, so you know it is on the way. While we aim to get it straight off to our couriers to get to you asap, we can have up to 5 deliveries a day, meaning that this is not always possible but we will still get it sent out during the given delivery time at the time it arrives, e.g 3-10 business days.

Please note: Given that it's based on estimates, most pre-order items can be pre-ordered for a very small amount. We will contact you to pay the remainder only when we have the booked in date it is due in to us. The reason for this is to speed up us getting the item to you. At any stage before it's dispatched from us, you can cancel for a full refund.

We have put in a new queue system to try and help with all our calls. Please bare with us and we will get to you as soon as we can. Take note of our Opening Times.

We have split our emails into different systems so will be forwarded onto the best person to handle it and they will respond as soon as they can. When emailing, please include your order number/post code (if you have an order) so that we can quickly find it if you call regarding it, or speak to another member of staff. It also saves us having to email you for it, thus letting us be able to help you more quickly. If you have a faulty item, please included photos as we will not be able to help without them.

If we have to email a supplier then we will contact you when we receive a reply from them. Sometimes this can take a while as they are often very busy. We understand how frustrating this is and apologise but we will sort out any issues as fast as we can.

Online Chat
Our online chat appears on the website when we have less calls coming through but are still answering calls. This allows us to talk to multiple customers at once to try and help as many people as we can so there will be delays. If this feature is not available, it indicates we are experiencing a high level of calls so it will be more difficult to get through to us.

Social Media
Our content management team maintain our social media channels and a lot of posts are scheduled with the accounts not being regularly checked (like many other businesses). Given this, it is not a form of contact, however, we will try to assist and provide answers when and where we can.

Staff Levels
While we may seem like a large business, we actually have a small team who are all working hard to make sure we answer all your questions and get you your orders as quickly as possible.

Thank you
We appreciate that this is still a strange and difficult time but we are trying our hardest to help everyone. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

We hope you and your family are well and take care.

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