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Bosch 36 V / 4.5 Ah Ultra Power Battery with Large Battery Cover

Product Code : F-016-800-300 Barcode : 3165140600606

Image of Bosch 36 V / 4.5 Ah Ultra Power Battery with Large Battery Cover
Small Image of Bosch 36 V / 4.5 Ah Ultra Power Battery with Large Battery Cover
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Brief Description

This Bosch 36 V / 4.5 Ah Ultra Power lithium-ion battery with free Large Battery Cover. The highest amp lithium-ion battery from Bosch.

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Product Description

This Bosch 36 V / 4.5 Ah Ultra Power lithium-ion battery with free Large Battery Cover. The highest amp lithium-ion battery from Bosch.

The powerful 36 volt battery is powered by lithium-ion and protected by Bosch Electronic Cell Protection, to ensure that users are never slowed by a weak battery. The lithium-ion technology means the tool is always ready to use. They suffer from no self-discharge and no memory effect. The Bosch Electronic Cell Protection helps ensure extra-long life of the battery. It protects the battery from overheating, overload and self-discharge.

Why Lithium Ion? Find Out Here

More Information

Why Lithium Ion?

Lithium-Ion Technology

The Lithium-Ion technology means that the tool is always ready to use.

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The Advantages of Lithium-Ion Technology

Tools with Lithium-Ion technology are ready for use practically all of the time. Regardless of whether the battery is fully charged, partially charged, or flat, you can put it in the charging station without having to worry about self-discharge or memory effect.

6 Times Longer Life Than NiCd

Small Tools, Big Progress-Simply Remarkable

Bosch Lithium-Ion cordless tools like the PSB 18 are ready for use quickly. Even after a period of 4 months on standby, a fully charged Lithium-Ion battery is still charged to approximately 85 per cent. This means that Bosch Power is available to you for six times longer than that of conventional NiCd batteries.

Full Power 24/7

Full Power at all Times

No self-discharge, no memory effect: constant battery capacity over the entire lifetime. Always ready when you are thanks to lithium-Ion technology.

Half The Size

Same Battery Power at Half the Size

Due to the Lithium-Ion technology, the size and weight of the batteries are reduced by approximately 60 per cent compared to conventional nickel cadmium batteries--although they offer the same amount of power.

Withstand The Elements

Batteries That Can Withstand the Elements

The intelligent electronic cell protection, Bosch ECP, protects the Lithium-Ion batteries against excessive temperatures and overload, therefore giving them a particularly long lifetime.

High Power and Low Weight

High Power, Low Weight

Bosch cordless tools with Lithium-Ion technology impress with their very compact design, low weight and very good ease of use. This saves you a lot of effort when doing those DIY jobs.

The Bosch Brand

Ever since being founded in the 1800s, Bosch has been a leader in the tools trade with its innovative product designs. Every step made by the market giant has been one in the right direction, with each new design being better than the last. Two generations on, the resulting tools, whether they are lawnmowers or hedge-trimmers, are at the pinnacle of the trade industry and readily available to everybody with a job to be done.

Known for placing the customer at the forefront of every design, Bosch produces tools that are durable, affordable and easy to use and maintain. With a Bosch tool, gardening is no longer a chore, it becomes a hobby, and with the wealth of available products at your fingertips, there is nothing that is unachievable.

Ask a garden4less expert about which tool is best suited to your needs today.

Warranty Information

The Bosch Warranty Period

Bosch now provide an Extended 3 Year Warranty on their garden tools, when registered at within 28 days of purchase. Any unregeistered garden tool keeps its limited 2 year warranty.

Both warranty periods only apply to tools that are being used for domestic purposes and excludes batteries and chargers, which come with a 12 month warranty. During the warranty period the collection and return of your tool will be free of charge.

How To Claim

Bosch require proof of purchase for the product in order to make a warranty claim, the original invoice sent out with the goods will be sufficient for this. If this has been misplaced then we will happily provide a copy via email.

In order to make a claim under this guarantee you are required to either:

  • Use the repair collection service tool provided by submitting an online colleaction request on Bosch's Repair Service Page.
  • or

  • Submit in writing to the defect with the product, together with proof of purchase.
  • or

  • Phone the Bosch after sales service on 03447 360109 who will be happy to arrange and explain the warranty claim process.
Bosch's 5 Day Service Commitment

The Bosch 5 Day CommitmentBosch know how much of an inconvenience it is if your machine breaks down, so they commit to getting your machine back to you in 5 days.

Day 1: Collection gets arranged
Day 2: Picked up from you
Day 3: The unit is repaired
Day 4: Dispatched back to you
Day 5: You receive it back!

Full Warranty Details

The most up to date warranty information and full conditions can be found on Bosch's garden tools warranty page.

We're always happy to help

Don't forget that garden4less are always here to help, so please contact us if you have any difficulties with the warranty process with one of our orders.

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