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Bosch Garden Shredder - 2500W Quiet Shredder, AXT 25D

Product Code : AXT-25D Barcode : 3165140465335

Image of Bosch Garden Shredder - 2500W Quiet Shredder, AXT 25D
Small Image of Bosch Garden Shredder - 2500W Quiet Shredder, AXT 25DExtra image of Bosch Garden Shredder - 2500W Quiet Shredder, AXT 25DExtra image of Bosch Garden Shredder - 2500W Quiet Shredder, AXT 25DExtra image of Bosch Garden Shredder - 2500W Quiet Shredder, AXT 25D
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Brief Description

The Bosch AXT 25 D is perfect for shredding up all the shrubbery that is making your garden look like an overgrown rainforest.

With a specially developed cutting drum system and a 38mm hopper feed, this shredder has been purpose-built for twigs, branches and hedge-trimmings.

What's more; the AXT 25 D is one of the most quiet shredders on the market making it a fantastic choice for domestic use.

2 year manufacturer's warranty included.

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Product Description

Cut & Crush drum cutting system
Self feeding & quiet for most convenient shredding
Induction motor and up to 40mm cutting diameter
Patented detachable hopper
Integrated 53 L collection box
Patented box interlock mechanism
Touch pad controls with pulse reverse

The ATX 25 D has been built specifically to cut through smaller logs, branches, vines and brambles, while cutting the time it takes to get the job done!

It uses a 'cutting drum' system which slices and crushes its way through any wood it is faced with. The AXT 25 D has a 38mm hopper opening, and if you can feed the branches through, the blades will take care of the rest.

Patented Cutting Drum

Cutting Drum Blades The AXT 25D boasts a drum of blades which uses brute force to cut and crush their way through wood. This means that the blades can hack through the bark and leaves much easier, meaning your job is done faster.

Combined with a 38mm hopper opening, the blades are prefect for smaller twigs, vines, brambles and branches.

The drum of blades can easily be accessed by removing the hopper, allowing simple and safe cleaning.

Pulse Reverse System

In the rare and unlikely event that your AXT 25D does stall, Bosch has that covered too. The blades can be placed into a reverse mode, which allows any jams or clogged branches to come free with the push of a button.

Large Collection Bin

Collection Bin

Once finished, the chips fall into a sizable 53 litre collection bin underneath the shredder allowing for easy disposal.

Alternatively, many gardening enthusiasts have used the remaining bark as 'mulch' which can be added to soil to improve its productivity and reduce weed growth.

The collection bin also has a secondary use, acting as a safety function which only allowing the turbine to shred when it is safely inserted. This means that while you are away from the shredder disposing of chippings, the device is harmless to children or pets that may be nearby.

Quiet Design

Designed with you (and your neighbours!) in mind, the AXT 25D is one of the most quiet shredders available today. Noise levels measure up to 82db - quieter than an average kitchen blender!

Compact Storage

AXT 25D stored The shredder has been designed with the customer's needs put first. Many shredders are big and bulky, which can make them awkward to store when they aren't being used.

With the AXT 25D, not only is the feeding hopper removable for cleaning purposes, but it also fits perfectly inside the collection bin when the tool is not in use. This allows the shredder to be stored compactly, measuring a mere 67cm tall when packed away, perfectly fitting under a work surface or in your garage or shed.

When ready to be used again, the hopper simply clips back onto the top again and it is ready for action.

Instruction Manual

Lost your manual? Download a free digital copy here.

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More Information

Product Specification
Motor: 2500 W
Cutting Diameter: 40 mm
Throughput: 190 Kg/h
Weight -25 Kg
Drum Cutting system
Collection box - 50 L

The Bosch Brand

Ever since being founded in the 1800s, Bosch has been a leader in the tools trade with its innovative product designs. Every step made by the market giant has been one in the right direction, with each new design being better than the last. Two generations on, the resulting tools, whether they are lawnmowers or hedge-trimmers, are at the pinnacle of the trade industry and readily available to everybody with a job to be done.

Known for placing the customer at the forefront of every design, Bosch produces tools that are durable, affordable and easy to use and maintain. With a Bosch tool, gardening is no longer a chore, it becomes a hobby, and with the wealth of available products at your fingertips, there is nothing that is unachievable.

Ask a garden4less expert about which tool is best suited to your needs today.

Warranty Information

The Bosch Warranty Period

Bosch now provide an Extended 3 Year Warranty on their garden tools, when registered at within 28 days of purchase. Any unregeistered garden tool keeps its limited 2 year warranty.

Both warranty periods only apply to tools that are being used for domestic purposes and excludes batteries and chargers, which come with a 12 month warranty. During the warranty period the collection and return of your tool will be free of charge.

How To Claim

Bosch require proof of purchase for the product in order to make a warranty claim, the original invoice sent out with the goods will be sufficient for this. If this has been misplaced then we will happily provide a copy via email.

In order to make a claim under this guarantee you are required to either:

  • Use the repair collection service tool provided by submitting an online colleaction request on Bosch's Repair Service Page.
  • or

  • Submit in writing to the defect with the product, together with proof of purchase.
  • or

  • Phone the Bosch after sales service on 03447 360109 who will be happy to arrange and explain the warranty claim process.
Bosch's 5 Day Service Commitment

The Bosch 5 Day CommitmentBosch know how much of an inconvenience it is if your machine breaks down, so they commit to getting your machine back to you in 5 days.

Day 1: Collection gets arranged
Day 2: Picked up from you
Day 3: The unit is repaired
Day 4: Dispatched back to you
Day 5: You receive it back!

Full Warranty Details

The most up to date warranty information and full conditions can be found on Bosch's garden tools warranty page.

We're always happy to help

Don't forget that garden4less are always here to help, so please contact us if you have any difficulties with the warranty process with one of our orders.

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Bosch Garden Shredder - 2500W Quiet Shredder, AXT 25D

Overall rating
80% from 19 reviews

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