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Bosmere Furniture Covers

With over 30 years experience of producing protective covers for garden furniture, Bosmere offer 4 comprehensive ranges, Premier, Cover Up, Modular and the new Storm Black, all designed for the harshest of weather conditions. We have over 10 years experience selling Bosmere covers and they were one of the first product ranges that we began selling when we started trading back in 2004.

Each of the Bosmere cover ranges that we stock include a variety of covers designed to cover all types of garden furniture including patio sets, benches, parasols, BBQs and more. Whatever you are looking to cover and whatever your budget we are certain that we have a cover that meets your requirements.

Bosmere Premier Range

The Premier covers are Bosmere's finest and are perfect for protecting your beautiful hardwood garden furniture. They are made from premier 300 denier breathable polyester fabric and they have been double stitched with heavy duty polyester binding for a prolonged life. Each of the covers in the Premier range come with brass coated eyelets and heavy duty cord ties for extra security in windy conditions.

The material used for the Premier range is breathable and weather resistant at the same time making it ideal for protecting high-end wooden garden furniture. These covers will not only shield your furniture from the elements the breathable material also reduces the build up of condensation, further protecting your wooden furniture.

Bosmere Cover Up Range

The Bosmere Cover Up range has been designed to meet all budgets. The covers are made from high quality PVC backed polyester which is fully waterproof and UV stabilised against the sun. All covers come with brass coated eyelets and heavy duty cord ties for security in windy conditions.

The Cover Up range is highly durable and will ensure that your garden furniture is protected from all of the elements. In a classic green colour these covers will blend into your gardens landscape.

The Storm Black Cover Range

The Storm Black furniture cover range is very similar to the Cover Up and is also manufactured from high quality PVC backed polyester which provides better protection against the elements. The Storm Black furniture covers come with bungee ties which make it faster, easier and more secure when fastening your cover.

The Modular Range

Due to the increase in popularity of modular rattan furniture Bosmere have introduced the Modular range which is specifically designed to fit an array of rattan garden furniture. The Modular range is made from top quality PVC backed polyester which is fully waterproof. Each cover comes with brass coated eyelets, heavy duty cord ties and locks for additional security in windy conditions.

What Type of Cover Do I Need?

This depends on the size and type of garden furniture that you are looking to cover. The Premier range is specifically designed to cover quality wooden furniture as wood reaps the benefits of a breathable material. The Cover Up and Storm Black cover are ideal for covering all other garden furniture and the only real difference between the two ranges is the colour. If it's modular rattan furniture you are looking for then the Modular range should have you covered.

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of measuring your garden furniture before purchasing a cover. A cover may state that it is suitable for a 6 seater furniture set, but this does not necessarily mean that it will fit your 6 seater furniture set. There are so many different brands, styles and designs of garden furniture on the market it is near impossible to produce a cover that will fit all 6 seater sets.

When the cover states that it is suitable for a set, it has been designed to cover the table and chairs in situ around the table. Therefore when measuring you set it is important that you measure from the back of one chair to the back of another at the widest points to get your dimensions. It is unlikely that the cover is going to be an exact fit for your furniture set which is why all Bosmere covers come with cord ties and locks. If you find that the dimensions of the cover are slightly too large, you could try pulling the chairs away from the table to reduce any excess slack.

Please take into account that when a cover states that it is a rectangular or circular furniture cover, this means that it will fit a set of that shape. The cover itself will, mostly likely, not be circular or rectangular. This is because they are designed to fit around a table that also has chairs around, so the cover is designed and cut to take this into account. We have taken time to put all the dimensions of the covers along with an image of the shape to ensure that you can make the most informed decision when buying your furniture cover. If you are unsure or have any questions, drop us an email or call us with any enquires.

Water Shedding Poles

Some covers come with water shedding poles. What's that you ask? Well, it's a pole that sheds water, of course. When included it will state on the product description, but the water shedding poles are only usually included and necessary when covering complete furniture sets. The water shedding pole sits in the centre of the table underneath the cover elevating the height to allow rain water to drain naturally. This prevents the water pooling in the centre of the table which after time can be a detriment to your furniture cover.

Returning a Cover

We have a generous 90 day returns policy on all garden furniture covers. So if your cover is not suitable, return it to us in the original packaging and we can either offer a full refund or help you find a cover that is right for you. Please note that the 90 day return policy is limited to all covers bought from garden4less only and the merchants selling on our site may have different return policies

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