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Felco Secateurs & Loppers

Since their inception in 1945, Felco have been manufacturing cutting and pruning equipment that is second to none. Felco products are characterised by 3 core values: ergonomics, interchangeability and durability. It is these three core values that have driven Felco's business strategy in creating an innovative and superior product range.

Comfort for users, high quality materials and easily interchangeable parts and spares are what set Felco secateurs and pruning shears apart from other manufacturers. Felco manufacture a comprehensive range of quality secateurs that are suitable for all pruning tasks. Whether you are a new gardener right through to a professional vineyard worker, Felco have a product that will meet your requirements.

At garden4less we stock a wide range of Felco products including their loppers, wire cutters and secateurs. It is the secateurs range that is our best selling and when you look at the quality of the Felco secateurs compared to their cheaper counterparts available on the market, you will understand why. All Felco secateurs have been manufactured to a level of quality that cannot be matched. Taking this into account along with the fact that we stock a full range of spare parts, if you take care of your secateurs they could last you a lifetime. In fact, we often get customers buying spare parts for their Felco secateurs that they have had in excess of 20 years.

Essential Secateurs

The Essential range has been manufactured with Felco's core brand values in mind but on a budget. The Essential secateurs offer the user comfort, lightweight and exceptional cutting performance without breaking the bank.

Basic Models

The versatile and precise basic models are suitable for all manner of pruning tasks. They may be basic in name but they certainly are not in performance. This range of Felco secateurs includes some of the classic models such as the Felco 2, which is our best selling line of Felco secateurs.

Ergonomic Models

Felco's ergonomic secateurs place the end users comfort at the forefront. They have been designed with many ergonomic features that reduce the cutting effort, helping to prevent tendonitis whilst increasing the level of comfort during use. These secateurs are particularly suited to prolonged pruning activities and for the more enthusiastic gardener.

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