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The Natural Pest Control Solution

Nemaslug and Nemasys products use natural, environmentally friendly nematodes to eliminate garden pests such as leatherjackets, slugs, vine weevil and Chafer grubs. They contain no chemicals and leave no visible signs of treatment.

Nemaslug and Nemasys products are easy to apply, effective as well as being safe for children, pets, wildlife, birds and bees. So you can apply this natural product safe in the knowledge that they will alleviate your pest problem without causing any potential harm to your beloved pets or children. Nemaslug and Nemasys products are available in two convenient sizes suitable for treating small and large gardens or even allotments. The best time to apply Nemasys and Nemaslug treatments is between March and October depending on the type of treatment. Please be aware this could change depending on the weather and it is possible for there to be an 8 week variance in the season between the north and south of the UK. Feel free to contact us if you are unsure whether you should be using a particular product now.

What are Nematodes?

Nematodes are naturally occurring microscopic worms, already present in our soil in the UK. These beneficial nematodes attack and destroy specific garden pests. Being a natural organism, nematodes are fully environmentally friendly and safe for children, pets and wildlife. So in short, they offer an effective pest control solution that is safe and fully environmentally friendly, unlike some chemical alternatives.

Scientists have been able to isolate the nematode that kills a specific type of garden pest. This has made it possible to create an effective fast acting natural pest control solution. Nematodes are a natural product, meaning that they can be used on food and vegetable crops without affecting the produce in anyway. Simply wash your fruit and veg as you would normally before eating.

Storing Your Nematodes

Nematodes are a living organism so it is important to refrigerate your nematodes as soon as possible upon receipt. It is also important to ensure that the packet remains sealed so the nematodes remain inactive and in good condition until you require them. Providing these steps are taken, all nematodes will keep until the expiry date clearly marked on the packaging. The nematodes are perishable so ensure that you do not open the package until you intend to use them. Where possible it is always best to use the product as soon as possible.

Using Your Nematodes

It is important to use an entire pack at any one time. As they are a perishable product, it is not possible to store part of the packet once the seal is broken or to store any made up solution. You cannot over apply nematodes but if you do have any left over solution you can us it to supply neighbouring beds or pots. Nematodes are simple to apply using a watering can with a coarse rose head or a recommended hose end feeder and the application of a standard pack will take approximately 20 minutes.

Once mixed with water it is important to apply the solution to the soil immediately. The soil is the intended target and not the grass as this is where the pests reside. To ensure that the nematodes reach the soil and the targeted pest water your lawn thoroughly after application. Ensure that your lawn does not dry out after application as this could affect the performance of the nematodes

Mixing Your Nematodes

All Nemaslug and Nematode products come with easy to follow, easy to understand instructions and it is important that these are followed. The instructions will state the amount of water that is required when mixing up a solution. This amount has been determined through research to ensure that the optimum amount is used so the nematodes are applied at the correct rate. Therefore, it is important that these volumes are not altered too much. However, if you need to alter them slightly, due to the size of your watering can etc., you should find that this will not prevent the nematodes from working.

There are millions of the microscopic nematodes included in each pack so it is not absolutely vital that the pack be divided into exact portions. Using a spoon or something similar to work out the divisions should suffice.

Application Methods

Depending on the type of pest, you are required to spray the solution onto the ground or directly onto the pest itself. There are three main application methods when it comes to applying your nematodes. If you are applying the solution to the soil you would normally use a watering can or hose end feeder. The most popular method of application is using a watering can. If you are using a watering can you must ensure that it has a coarse rose head so the nematodes can pass freely. Something in excess of 1mm is ideal. If you need to apply the solution directly to the pest you may find that a pump sprayer is more suited to the job. All packets of nematodes come with full application instructions.

If you choose to apply the nematodes using a garden hose feeder you must ensure that the product you have bought can be applied using this method. For example it is not really recommended that you use this application method for treating caterpillars or vine weevil larvae in pots.

Top Tips When Using Nematodes

Where possible always apply the solution to moist soil. This will help prevent the solution from drying too quickly and will help produce better results. For best results apply the solution during your evening watering. The soil is less likely to dry out in the absence of bright sunshine which gives the nematodes longer and a better chance to get beneath the soil to the targeted pest. If you must apply the nematodes during the day, especially if it is hot, ensure that you water them in well to prevent the soil from drying out.

When applying nematodes to grass or flowerbeds it is important to water well afterwards. This is to ensure that the nematodes are washed into the soil. Any nematodes that remain on leaves or other foliage will not be effective. If you are looking to control slugs it is beneficial to apply the treatment early in the season when the slugs are still young and before they have begun to cause any damage. If you plan to use a chemical treatment or pesticide as well as nematodes it is recommended that you wait a couple of weeks after the nematodes have been applied.