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We have a massive range of pest control products. In fact if you are trying to deter pests from your garden then we have everything covered from the smallest ant to the largest deer. We stock high quality traditional traps, humane traps, ultrasonic & infra red deterrents and also some unusual but effective solutions such as lion dung (an effective cat repellent) and nematodes (a biological solution). To make it easier to find the pest control solution you need we have the handy navigation at the top of the page which splits all the pest control devices by pest type.

Things to consider when picking out your perfect pest control

Popular Pest Control

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Traditional Rat Traps
This wooden-based, traditional Rat Trap is one of the most powerful on the market due to its strong spring. The treadle bait-station is based on the Little Nipper wooden mousetrap design.

The rat pest control range also includes deterrents such as the Pest Stop 1000 and Pest Stop 2000 which emit ultrasonic waves to cause auditory stress to the pest. We also stock effective rat poison and a rat cage to trap and release the rat.

The Pest-Stop Multi-Mouse Trap is a high quality galvanised steel trap designed to catch and hold up to 10 mice at the same time. Multi-catch traps are often used by professional pest control operatives in areas where they cannot use poisons or conventional traps.

It is simple to use and the clear plastic lid ensures you can see at a glance when you have caught something. It also includes extra ventilation points to reduce stress to captured mice.

Pest Stop 2000

The Pest Stop 2000 electronic pest repeller will cover the whole house up to 2000 sq.ft. It is effective against mice, rats, ants and most other crawling insects. This unit is equipped with three pest repelling functions. Ultra sonic waves, which cause auditory stress to pest. Dual electromagnetic settings that will drive pests out from their nesting places in wall and ceiling spaces. Finally a mosquito function that is ideal for holidays

Nemaslug Slug Killer

Nemaslug controls all common species of small to medium sized slugs (up to 8cm - 2.5 -3 inches). Start your control regime early and you will be able to target the young slugs growing under the ground feeding on humus. Nemaslug uses the nematode Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita. One application of Nemaslug provides 300,000 nematodes for every square metre of soil, giving at least six weeks control of slugs. View the entire Nematode range.

Cat Repellent Rods

These plastic cat repellent rods emit a strong scent, which is designed to stop cats fouling the surrounding area. The sharp citrus smell is impregnated within the plastic during the moulding process, which means that, no matter what the weather, Pest-Stop Cat Repeller Rods keep working for at least 10 weeks.

Mole Trap

The Tunnel Mole Trap is a very traditional solution to a common garden problem. The trap is set, then placed in the mole run, and is triggered when the mole passes through it, killing it instantly. It is manufactured from galvanized steel to prevent corrosion and for a prolonged life.

Silent Roar Lion Dung

Keep lovingly tendered borders free from cat's mess. These pellets are soaked in real essence of lion dung, dried and sterilised. As cats are territorial, even the bravest will retreat with they smell a lion. An environmentally-friendly product which contains no artificial chemicals One application of silent roar can last up to three months during normal weather conditions.

Fly Zapper

Fly Killers are ideal for ridding your home of unwanted pests. The Pest-Stop flying insect traps contain powerful ultraviolet bulbs, which attract most flying insects. As the insects approach the light, they are destroyed on contact with the electrical grid surrounding the bulb.