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Amalfi Garden Furniture Range from Hartman

About the Amalfi Range

If you're looking for a low maintenance garden furniture set, the Amalfi range could be for you. The entire selection has been constructed from coated cast aluminium, making it weather and rustproof. The sturdy material also gives the tables and chairs strength while keeping them lightweight.

As well as the Amalfi range being made to a high quality, it has also been designed to look great, with ornate flowing lines and floral patterning. The cushions have been produced with a hard wearing weatherproof fabric, and are machine washable at just 30 degrees. The cushions can easily be removed for storage purposes if needed during long spells of rain or snow.

All in all, the Amalfi garden furniture sets have a great build quality and look absolutely fantastic, adding a touch of class to any garden, lawn or patio.

Care and Cleaning Instructions

From time to time, you may wish to clean your garden furniture - No matter how hard you try, somebody always spills red ketchup at the family barbecues!

Good news! The entire Amalfi cushion set can be machine washed at only 30 degrees. Once the wash cycle has finished, plump the cushions back into shape while they are still wet and then hang to dry. Simple!

The cast aluminium furniture can also easily be cleaned with some warm soapy water and then rinsed lightly with a garden hose. Do not use a high pressure washer on your Amalfi furniture as this can damage the finish, which isn't covered under your warranty.