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Electric Greenhouse Heaters

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Electric Greenhouse Heaters

Heat your greenhouse the easy way with one of these electric heaters from Hot Box and Bio Green. Ideal if you have an outdoor socket with an RCD nearby, they're cheap to run, splash proof, adjustable and thermostatically controlled. A thermostatically controlled fan heater helps distribute the heat and encouraging air movement, reducing the risk of fungal diseases which favour still, damp air.

Hot Box

Hot Box electric greenhouse heaters include the Shilton and Levant brands. The Shilton greenhouse heater has been in production for over 25 years in the UK and has become a household name. It has an output of 2.2kW and is ideal for use in a 120 sq ft. greenhouse. The Levant is a thermostatically controlled fan heater that cuts the heat supply, but allows the fan to continue to circulate the air to help prevent airborne fungal disease. See Hot Box Electric Heaters.

Bio Green

Bio Green’s electric greenhouse heaters include the Air Blower and Palma Heater. The Air Blower is a powerful electric fan to provide good air circulation, useful both in summer and winter. In summer it will help to combat excessive temperatures, whilst in winter good air circulation is essential for the prevention of diseases, such as 'damping off' (these kill or weaken seeds or seedlings before or after they germinate). The Palma Heater has a compact design, slip-resistant rubber feet and practical carrying handle, meaning it can be used almost anywhere. Its robust housing is constructed largely from stainless steel. It is ideal for the smaller greenhouse where space is at a premium. See Bio Green Electric Heaters.

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