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Hartman Metal Lounge Sets

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Hartman Metal Lounge Sets

Hartman’s metal lounge sets this season are designed to be admired, with beautiful soft grey tones, comfy cushions and solid frames, which you will want to linger on.

Weather resistant Weatherready cushions

Hartman’s metal lounge sets come complete with innovative Weatherready cushions. Manufactured using special microfibre all-weather fabric, these cushions will repel water during light showers, and let water flow straight through them in heavier downpours.

They utilise a clever system of perforated material wrapped around rapid-dry foam, allowing water to permeate through the cushion and then dry naturally - no harm done. As well as being stylish and comfortable, the Weatherready cushions are also moisture, mildew and UV resistant. They can be stored outside all summer long (bring them indoors over winter), ready to be used quickly and conveniently, as and when they're needed.

Rust proof aluminium frames

Hartman’s metal lounge sets have aluminium frames that are both lightweight and sturdy, making the sets easy to move into position in your garden, while also maintaining a rust free finish for years to come.

Attractive table tops

  • Fire pit tables
    Hartman’s fire pit tables provide a great centrepiece for your get-togethers. Designed to warm you and your guests while providing an attractive light, the fire pit is fuelled by gas canisters which can quickly be switched on. The gas canister is conveniently located underneath the table, keeping it hidden from sight, while the controls are located at the side.
  • The fire pit is surrounded by glass sides, protecting the open flames from wind, whilst also acting as a safety barrier. When not in use, the fire pit can be covered by a metal top, providing extra room for drinks and snacks on the table. It comes with an attractive Tuscan style ceramic glass top.

  • Tuscan ceramic topped tables
    Tuscan ceramic glass tops are made from glass but are designed to have the appearance of ceramic slats, creating a beautiful finish on the coffee table.

3-5 year manufacturer warranties

Hartman offers a 3 year manufacturer warranty on its aluminium garden furniture sets, and 5 years on its cast aluminium sets, giving you peace of mind that your furniture is well covered.

9-month finance period

Instead of paying in one large chunk, Garden4less offers you a flexible way to pay for these beautiful furniture sets, giving you the option to spread the cost over a 9 month period, with no fees.

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