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Large Greenhouse Heaters

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Large Greenhouse Heaters

Keep your greenhouse in the best temperature range for your plants with the help of these Large Greenhouse Heaters, from leading brands Hot Box and Bio Green.

Hot Box

Hot Box Large Greenhouse Heaters include two brands, the Shilton and Regal Silver:

  • The Shilton greenhouse heater has an output of 6.0kw and is perfectly capable of providing heat for a greenhouse up to 350²ft. in size. The heater can be activated with a simple push of a button, and the thermostatically controlled design means the heater will automatically turn itself on and off to maintain the desired heat, saving you gas and money!
  • The Hot Box Regal Silver heater is made of long lasting aluminium coated steel with a stainless steel burner. The generous heat output of 4kW will give frost protection or heating temperatures in almost any size of amateur greenhouse up to 180²ft. The Regal Silver has a non-electric thermostat which turns the heater down to just a small pilot flame when the desired temperature is achieved, minimising running costs.

Bio Green

The Bio Green Large Greenhouse Heaters includes the Bio Green Air Blower, a powerful electric fan to provide good air circulation, useful both in summer and winter.

In summer it will help to combat excessive temperatures, whilst in winter good air circulation is essential for the prevention of diseases, such as 'damping off'.

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