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Windowsill Propagators

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Windowsill Propagators

Give your plants the very best start in life with this extensive range of windowsill propagators. There are propagators to suit all budgets, from simple but effective low end, unheated varieties, to luxurious ranges that have useful features such as being self watering and heated. Explore budget friendly propagators, with no thermostats, or high end propagators , which are heated with thermostats.

Budget friendly, with or without holes

Specially designed to sit on a warm and sunny windowsill, Garland’s Budget Windowsill Propagator comes with or without holes, in packs of one or three. They have a tough, injection-moulded base tray and a flexible, clear cover to create ideal, humid conditions for successful seed germination.


The Garland Super 7 Self-Watering Windowsill Seed Propagator is a self-watering plant tray which has been designed to sit on a windowsill - ideal for keeping indoor plants happy. The growing trays are supported above a reservoir on raised platforms which are in turn covered in capillary matting. The plants draw the water naturally from the capillary matting as required. Explore Garland’s unheated range of windowsill propagators .

Electric and heated

While windowsills can often provide ideal light conditions for successful propagation, they can also be cool and draughty. The Garland Triple Top Windowsill Propagator has propagator units with a heated base and is designed to increase the ambient compost temperature by around 8ºC. It has 3 high dome mini propagators which are vented. A larger variant, the Garland Super 7 Windowsill Propagator, features seven mini vented propagators. Explore Garland’s thermostat propagators.

Another brand providing electric, heated propagators is Nutley’s. Its electric heated propagator is supplied with three small propagators to allow for different rates of growth of varieties. Explore Nutley’s thermostat propagators.

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