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Alexander Rose Benches

Alexander Rose Garden Furniture

Formed in 1994, with the ambition to design and build garden furniture of exceptional quality. Our goal has been to give discerning customers the opportunity to own high quality pieces across all price options.

Alexander Rose has the widest selection of timber benches in the country and developed the pioneering curved back slat bench that has become a recognised ergonomic design classic and is accepted as the modern day alternative to the original and traditional straight back slat bench.

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Alexander Rose Benches

Escape to your garden with a book or cold drink and relax on one of these beautiful garden benches from Alexander Rose. Made from sustainably sourced wood, they are beautifully finished and designed to last.

Alexander Rose specialises in wooden benches from responsibly sourced plantations, and they are made of a range of woods such as mahogany, pine and eucalyptus. The benches come in 2, 3 or 4 seater versions and have curved slat backs, which provide an extra level of comfort. Rather than painted, they are left in their natural wood colours, which will fade to a lovely patina over time.

  • Roble (pronounced Roh-Blay) is a hardwood that is light yellow in colour with a smooth lustre. It shares similar qualities with teak, such as weight, density and durability. Alexander Rose source its Roble from Bolivia and it is 100% FSC. It has a 10 year warranty and a durability of up to 25 years.
  • Cornis originates from the Congo in Central Africa and is a dense reddish-brown wood with a solid feel and an expected durability of 10 years. It is carefully oiled during the manufacturing process, meaning it will darken initially then turn silver-grey over a period of 5-6 months.
  • Alexander Rose’s Pine benches are fabricated using Eastern European softwood pine, and pre-treated at the manufacturing stage to guarantee suitability for outdoor use.
  • Mahogany benches are sourced from one of Alexander Rose’s managed forests in the Congo, Africa. It is a tough, strong wood that is pinkish when harvested, maturing over time to a classic dark brown and then to a characteristic silver-grey when left outdoors.

Strong and durable materials

These garden benches are made using wooden materials that are designed to last and look wonderful in years to come, from mahogany and pine, to the less well known cornis and roble. They are weatherproof and can be left out all year round.

Manufacturer warranties

Alexander Rose Garden Benches give you peace of mind by having good warranty covers, with an immense 10 year warranty on the Alexander Rose Roble ranges, and 3 years on the Cornis, Mahogany and Pine, so you can rest easy you are buying quality products that last.

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