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Hartman Weave Garden Furniture

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Hartman Weave Sets

Hartman’s weave sets feature beautiful, traditionally styled dining, lounge, bistro, and other weave sets, with robust synthetic weave on sturdy aluminium frames, topped with soft and durable Weatherready cushions.

Hartman Weave Corner Sofas

  • Heritage: Together with thick Weatherready cushions, the Heritage weave corner sofas have supportive angled backs and winged arm rests that helps make them supremely comfy. Explore Hartman Heritage corner sofas.
  • Heritage Tuscan:These are named after their unique table tops. Known as Tuscan ceramic glass, these eye-catching table tops are made of glass but have been designed to look like ceramic, creating a lovely patterned surface. Explore the Heritage Tuscan corners sofas.
  • Westbury: These are made using an attractive double curve weave. They come in rectangular and square sizes, with or without stools, and can fit 4-7 people. Westbury corner sofas.

Hartman Weave Dining Sets

  • Hartman Heritage are weave dining sets with the option of two different chairs – the standard having seat pads and back cushions, while the Bijou style is slightly smaller and has no back cushions. It comes in 4 and 6 seat versions, with or without parasols, in ash/slate and beech/dove colourways. Table tops can be glass or ceramic style painted glass (Tuscan), round or oval. Explore Hartman Heritage Weave Dining Sets
  • Hartman Appleton has elegantly winged arms and glass topped round tables. With the option of a parasol, it comes in 4 or 6 seats. The 6 seater has a lazy susan on the table to make passing food round easier. Explore Hartman Appleton Weave Dining Sets
  • The 4 and 6 seater Hartman Curve is a stunning grey set with rounded chair arms and round glass topped tables, with parasols includes and lazy susans on the 6 seater. Explore Hartman Curve Weave Dining Sets
  • The Hartman Westbury has lovely high backed chairs, round glass topped tables with parasols, and 4-6 seats (lazy susan on the 6 seater). Explore Hartman Westbury Weave Dining Sets

Hartman Weave Lounge Sets

The Hartman Heritage Sofa Lounge Set is a stylish resin weave set that comes in two contemporary colourways: ash/slate and beech/dove. Seating 6-7 guests, it has a comfy 3-seat sofa and 2 chairs, and two stools, and a large rectangular glass topped table. Explore Hartman weave lounge sets

The Hartman Heritage Tuscan Sofa Lounge Set is the same luxury styling as the above, but with a Tuscan ceramic painted glass table top, that really stands out. Explore Hartman weave lounge sets

Hartman Heritage Bistro Sets

Hartman’s Heritage range of weave bistro sets feature traditional styling and come with a choice of glass or Tuscan ceramic glass table tops, bistro chairs with buttoned back cushions, or the smaller Bijou chairs which do not have back cushions. The Duet is a variation of the bistro set, which comes with an elegant side table that instead of sitting in front of the seats, sits neatly in-between the two weave chairs. The stylish Companion, meanwhile, comes with two softly padded footstools, along with 2 bistro chairs and in-between side table, so you and you guest can put your feet up with ease. Explore Hartman Weave Bistro Sets

Hartman Weave Sun Loungers

The Heritage sun lounger range is made of durable synthetic weave woven onto aluminium frames. They come in single and double versions with adjustable back rests, so you could lie side by side on single loungers, or both together on a double width lounger. The double lounger has back rests that can be adjusted individually, so there is no need to squabble over what angle you want it at. The sun loungers come in two contemporary colourways of in beech/dove, and ash/slate, with soft full length Weatherready cushions. Explore Hartman Heritage Sun Loungers in Ash/Slate or Hartman Heritage Sun Loungers in Beech/Dove.

Hartman Weave Reclining Sets

Hartman has launched the Heritage Companion Set in two contemporary colourways, beech/dove and ash/slate. This lovely weave set has soft button cushioned backs and seat pads, with separate, matching foot stools. The backs can be reclined with simple pull of the side lever. Explore Hartman Reclining Sets

Hartman Weave Benches

The Hartman weave range of garden benches, meanwhile, matches the Appleton, Heritage and Madison garden furniture sets, in stunning grey weave tones, and matching soft seat cushions. Explore Hartman Weave Garden Benches.

Hartman Weave Storage Boxes

Hartman storage boxes are designed to perfectly match its existing garden furniture weave ranges, namely the Heritage, Curve and Westbury. They feature air pumps that enable the lids to be opened easily, and inner linings that protect the contents from water damage. Measuring around 150cm in length, they provide ample space for outdoor clutter. Explore Hartman Storage Boxes.

Versatile seating options

Hartman’s weave corner sofas have versatile seating plans, as the sets can be purchased with or without stools, for when you need additional space. The stools have padded Weatherready cushions, atop sturdy synthetic weave on metal frames.

Weather resistant Weatherready cushions

The Hartman weave sets come complete with innovative Weatherready cushions. Manufactured using special microfibre all-weather fabric, these cushions will repel water during light showers, and let water flow straight through them in heavier downpours. They utilise a clever system of perforated material wrapped around rapid-dry foam, allowing water to permeate through the cushion and then dry naturally - no harm done. As well as being stylish and comfortable, the Weatherready cushions are also moisture, mildew and UV resistant. They can be stored outside all summer long (bring them indoors over winter), ready to be used quickly and conveniently, as and when they're needed.

Rust proof aluminium frames

Hartman’s weave sets have aluminium frames beneath the synthetic weave that are both lightweight and sturdy, making the sets easy to move into position in your garden, while also maintaining a rust free finish for years to come.

Adjustable tables

Hartman’s weave sofa sets can be bought with adjustable tables, offering a flexible seating and dining experience. When you want to relax with a drink and snacks, the table can be set low at a coffee table level, while for more formal dining, the table can be raised to a more suitable eating level.

Tuscan ceramic glass coffee table tops

The Tuscan range of Hartman weave sets has coffee tables with Tuscan ceramic glass tops. These are made from glass but are designed to have the appearance of ceramic slats, creating a beautiful finish on the coffee table surface.

3 year manufacturer warranty

All of the Hartman weave sets come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty on the weave, and one year on the cushions, giving you peace of mind that these sets are built to last.

9-month finance

Instead of paying in one large chunk, Garden4less offers you a flexible way to pay for these beautiful furniture sets, giving you the option to spread the cost over a 9 month period, with no fees.