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Garden Pond Eco Filters by Hozelock

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Hozelock Eco Filters

To help your pond look its best, you need an efficient, eco-friendly pond filter. Hozelock Eco Filters include the Ecocel, an above ground filter combining both mechanical and biological filtration to keep ponds clear and healthy. The unit is suited for use above ground, in-ground or concealed at the top of a waterfall.

How does Ecocel work?

  • Water enters the unit via a spray head, which is evenly distributed over a foam sheet.
  • Solid particles in the water are trapped in a foam sheet.
  • Almost solids free, the water passes through plastic biomedia where beneficial bacteria cleanse pollutants. The amount of biomedia contained in the filter increases in direct proportion to the size of the pond/filter to support a greater number of fish.
  • Purified water then passes up an outlet tube and back into the pond. Use the viewing hatch to observe the internal operation of the filter, which helps to show if any maintenance is required.

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