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Garden Pond UVC Lights by Hozelock

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Hozelock UVC Lights

Hozelock UVC Lights, under the Vorton brand, help to eliminate algae and green water, improving the clarity of the pond water. It offers optimum UVC power for pond sizes up to 18,500 litres, with higher powered UVC bulbs helping to maximise algae elimination.

What causes green water?

In certain conditions, large quantities of microscopic algae grow in the water. They create the green water that spoils the appearance of a pond by making it impossible to see plants and fish. Unlike the much larger blanket weed, green water algae are so tiny that ordinary filters cannot trap them.

How do UVCs work?

As the pond water passes the UV lamp, the light makes the algae clump together so they are caught in the filter foam or sink to the bottom of the pond. Pond clarity should improve in just a few days, with complete clarity in 6 to 8 weeks.

Why are Hozelock UVCs effective?

  • Water is slowed down as it passes the lamp to increase UV penetration
  • Quartz glass tube covering the UV lamp permits effective penetration of UV rays. Ordinary glass cuts this by 90%.
  • UV lamp runs at optimum operating temperature in an enclosed chamber
  • Water is kept as close as possible to the UV lamp to maximise the UV efficiency
  • Single ended lamps last longer and have higher UV output

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