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Garden Pond Pumps by Laguna

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Laguna Pond Pumps

Powerful, innovative and reliable, Laguna pond pumps have earned a reputation for energy efficiency, high performance and lasting durability. Without the correct pump, a pond can fail in sustaining a healthy ecosystem. Let Laguna help you select the right pond pump.


The Laguna Powerjet range provides high performance fountain / waterfall pump kits to help create beautiful water features in your pond and garden. The Laguna Powerjet is a low maintenance foam free fountain and waterfall pump, designed with many unique features including the Laguna Click Fit connection system. The Powerjet Fountain Pumps are housed in a specially designed pump cage which has a large intake surface area and anti-leaf ribs to reduce clogging.

The Laguna Powerjet pumps come complete with a two way flow control valve to allow individual adjustment of the fountain and feature and a special fountain swivel joint giving room for movement if the base of the pond is uneven. Laguna has also included an optional backwash feature to reduce maintenance of the pump when needed.

Max Flo

The Laguna Max Flo pumps are designed to provide continuous and reliable water circulation. The Max Flo range are ideally suited for a variety of pond applications, such as providing water flow to filtration systems or creating spectacular waterfalls.

These pumps are designed to circulate water loaded with moderate amounts of solid particles (or solids) and transport them to suitable external filter systems (including pressurized filters) which then trap debris that could potentially pollute pond water, effectively filtering the pond.

Max-Flo is ideal for use with filtration systems and for creating waterfalls and watercourses. Easy to install and operate, the pump is completely submersible and engineered to run continuously.

The Max-Flo is intelligently managed by Laguna's Smart Pump Technology (SPT), which improves pump performance, energy efficiency, and user friendliness. SPT is an internal self-regulating system that tracks power consumption, hydraulics, and impeller direction to ensure powerful output and energy efficiency, so that only the required amount of power is used to operate the pump efficiently.

The pump is powered by a magnetic-driven motor enabling it to generate powerful and continuous water flow while consuming minimal electricity - the perfect combination of high pump efficiency and low energy costs. This is great news for people who are wary of costly hydro bills.

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