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LIFE Metal Corner Sofas

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Life Metal Corner Sofas

Life has some truly show-stopping aluminium based metal corner sofas, from the stunning Fitz Roy, to the Timber, Mallorca and Nevada, that can comfortably fit 4-5 people.

  • The Fitz Roy is a stunning corner lounge set with teak edging, side and coffee table and soft, contemporary toned carbon cushions. Explore Life Fitz Roy Corner Sofa
  • The Nevada comes in a Mini (4 seat) and Full Corner (5 seat) version, with an elegant grey aluminium frame and deep soft carbon cushions. A teak slatted table compliments the set. Explore Life Nevada Corner Sofas
  • The Mallorca has a modern square matt grey frame and sleek carbon cushions, with slat effect grey coffee and side tables. Explore Life Mallorca Corner Sofa
  • The Timber comes in three cushion colour options (khaki, mouse grey and carbon), comfortably seats 4 and has a handy adjustable height table with a spraystone top. Explore Life Timber Corner Sofas

Durable, season-proof cushions

Life Metal Corner Sofa Sets feature Textilene cushion covers filled with Fast Dry Foam - these cushions can be left outdoors throughout the entire season. Textilene is a high quality synthetic product (high strength polyester with PVC compound) perfect for outdoor use due to its UV resistance, comfort and ease of cleaning. Fast Dry Foam has a very open cell structure that drains water quickly and provides circulation of air, drying the foam relatively quickly.

In practice this means that when it rains the Textilene cushion cover is designed to let water through into the inner cushion (the fast dry foam filling). By pressing down on the cushion or placing the cushions on their sides, the cushions will be dry in a relatively short period of time. For these cushions it is therefore important to note that the cushions are best left outside to dry completely - storing wet cushions in an environment with no air circulation (such as an airtight container) can cause the inner foam to become mouldy or soft.

Strong and lightweight frames

Life Metal Corner Sofa Sets are solidly built, with aluminium frames. Strong, yet lightweight, they can easily be moved around the garden and conservatory, and benefit from being rust-proof, retaining their attractive appearance for years to come.

Contemporary colourways

This season, Life’s Metal Corner Sofa Sets are presented in a contemporary palette to suit most garden settings, featuring a range of grey toned weave, frame and cushion colours, such as Mouse Grey and Carbon.

5 year manufacturer warranty

Life’s Metal Corner Sofa Sets give you peace of mind by having a 5 year manufacturer warranty on the aluminium frames, and 1 year on the cushions, so you can rest easy you are buying quality products that last.

9-month finance period

Instead of paying in one large chunk, Garden4less offers you a flexible way to pay for these beautiful furniture sets, giving you the option to spread the cost over a 9 month period, with no fees.

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