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Garden Pond Pumps by Lotus

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Lotus Pumps

Create a healthy, happy pond with the help of Lotus Pumps, which include the Lotus Olympus Pro and Lotus Otter Legend.

Lotus Olympus Pro

The Lotus Olympus Pro filter and waterfall pumps have been developed as high volume solids handling pumps and can operate a waterfall or pond filter without clogging.

The Olympus Pro Pumps are capable of handling solids up to 8mm and are ideally suited for 24-hour operation due to their extremely low running costs.

Their high flow rates make the Olympus pond pumps suitable for a range of uses other than powering a pond filter, including working a stunning waterfall or water feature.

Lotus Otter Legend

The Otter Legend range of pond pumps have undergone many design changes over the years and now incorporate many technological advances which enhance their quality and value.

The 800 and 1500 models are ideal for creating a small fountain or water feature. The high performance of the models from the 2500 upwards makes them the perfect choice for fountains, waterfalls, powering a biological filter, or even a combination of the two.

The introduction of an anti clog filter cage in this range has greatly reduced the need to clean the pumps. Because less of the solid materials pass through the pump, it significantly extends the life of the motor.

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