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Pondovac Garden Pond Vacuums by Oase

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Oase PondoVac

The Oase PondoVac range of pond vacuums provides an easy and affordable way of keeping ponds and water features clear of sludge, debris and even algae.

If left to accumulate, sludge build up on the pond floor can have a negative effect on the overall health of your pond and its inhabitants. The Oase PondoVac allows you to perform essential maintenance of your pond, clearing sludge and waste quickly and easily - getting your pond back to top health, and with cleaner, clearer water.

The PondoVac features the Oase patented two chamber system. Two same size cylinders are filled and emptied in alternating cycles which enables non-stop vacuuming. Waste water and debris are emptied through the discharge hose, which can be directed to a drain or onto the garden, as the waste water makes for great plant fertiliser. Alternatively you can attach the debris collection bag and return cleaned water back into the pond. The debris collection bag strains the water of particles down to 1mm, retaining the waste for later disposal (not suitable for fine pond silt).

A range of hoses, nozzles and other accessories can be bought to help keep your PondoVac – and your pond - in tip top condition.

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