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Pond Fish Food Sticks

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Pond Fish Food Sticks

Provide your fish with the best food with our range of Pond Fish Food Sticks. Helping your pond fish grow strong and beautiful, these pellets are healthy and irresistible, from leading brands Tetra and Evolution Aqua.


Tetra Food produces a variety of nutritious fish food blends in a stick form, including Tetra Pond Sticks, the UK's best selling fish food. They provide a complete staple diet for all pond fish. Other varieties include Tetra Pond Variety Sticks, which have been formulated to offer both variety and a mix of food formulas, and are suitable for all pond fish. In addition, Tetra Pond Sterlet Sticks is a complete food specifically formulated for the unique dietary needs of Sterlets and other sturgeon.

Evolution Aqua

Evolution Aqua produces the Evolution Aqua Pond Sticks, nutritious stick food for all pond fish containing omega 3 and 6, BioMos and Spirulina, so that growth health and vibrant colours are greatly enhanced.

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