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Pond Fish Food Wheatgerm

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Wheatgerm Pond Fish Food

Provide your fish with the best food with our range of Wheatgerm Pond Fish Food. Wheat germ based fish food is ideal for use during winter when temperatures are low and pond fish are less active. It is low in protein and therefore is more easily digestible, passing through the fish’s system without problems so that it doesn’t get stuck, and helping them survive the winter months. Our range of Wheatgerm Pond Fish Food is supplied by leading brands such as Evolution Aqua and NT Labs.

Evolution Aqua

Evolution Aqua Wheatgerm Pellets come in Small and Medium sizes and are specially designed as an all year round food, with added benefits for Koi and other pond fish when temperatures are low. Incorporated into the formulation is Bio-Mos, which is derived from a specific strain of yeast. Bio-Mos helps to improve nutrition and overall fish health. The pellets also contain Omega 6 and 3 and have no added artificial colourings, so will not stain the water.

NT Labs

NT Labs Medikoi Wheatgerm fish food is recommended for spring, autumn and winter feeding. It has a reduced protein content and added garlic, for protection from fish parasites over cooler months. Garlic has parasite repellent properties which diffuse through the skin and into the mucus laye,r thus protecting the fish from infestation at the time when they are most vulnerable.

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