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Garden Pond Filters by Pontec

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Pontec Pond Filters

Let Pontec Pond Filters keep your pond looking healthy and clear with its range of effective and powerful pond pumps.


The PondoPress pressurised filter set offers a clear water guarantee for ponds. The filter includes bio-mechanical filter media and integrated UVC clarifier.

The pressurised system allows filtered water to be channelled upwards, allowing for operation of a watercourse or small waterfall. The filter also features a pump handle cleaning mechanism for easy and convenient maintenance of filter media.


The Pontec PondoClear ensures clean and clear water in ponds, with an integrated UVC clarifier effectively eliminating suspended algae – this is removed along with suspended debris via the foam filter.

The PondoClear comes complete with interchangeable fountain heads and features a powerful pump capable of producing fountain displays. It is also equipped with LED lights for illuminating the fountain and pond to provide an attractive feature at night.

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