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Hosepipe Ban Restrictions and Rules 2022

Written on 16/08/2022 at 10:49

Watering During A Hose Pipe Ban

Hosepipe Ban 2022

The UK has seen an extreme dry patch, with hardly any rain falling in some areas all summer. With this the case, it was inevitable that local water companies have started to implement hosepipe bans, which will of course effect how you water your garden and plants. As of August 2022, the following water companies have, or are about to undertake, hosepipe bans:

- Southern Water

- South East Water

- Yorkshire Water

- Welsh Water

- Thames Water (proposed within weeks)

Source: BBC News

Alternatives to hosepipes

Despite the ban, you do not have to keep your garden in an arid state. There are alternatives to using a hosepipe, including:

- Use a watering can instead of a hosepipe

- Use rainwater collected in a Water Butt

- Use grey water from the kitchen and bathroom ie water from cooking pans (that has been cooled down), baths and showers. Soapy water is OK to use on the soil as long as it is not used on plants you intend to eat, as the soil and potting composts are effective at filtering out any soap and detergents

- Keep the soil moist by covering with mulch, such as wood chippings

Drip Irrigation Systems

There is another way you can water your garden effectively that is usually allowed during a hosepipe ban and that is to use a Drip Irrigation System. This is an extremely efficient way to water your garden and uses around 90% less water than watering using a hosepipe.

During the current heatwave, drip irrigation systems are allowed, but there are a number of things to take into consideration when using them:

- You must use a timing device, also known as a water timer or a tap timer to control how long the irrigation system turns on and, more importantly, to shut it off automatically.

- Use a pressure reducing valve (PRV) to protect the system from high spikes in water pressure. Spikes in water pressure can cause joints to pop off and could cause a flood.

- The emitters of the system must drip onto or underneath the soil surface; they must not spray, sprinkle, jet or mist.

Drought resilient plants

The garden is much hardier than many people think, lawns can recover quickly after a period of no rain, and do not require watering, while many plants such as lavender, Euphorbia and wildflowers are quite drought resistant. Therefore, during a dry spell, prioritise watering more vulnerable plants in your garden, such as young plants and seedlings.

By undertaking a few simple changes, your garden should be back to looking its best in no time.

Please Note: the rules for commercial or trade use differ, so please only use the information on this page for domestic guidelines. If you have any additional queries then it is best to contact your local water authority.


BBC News


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