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Secateurs, Shears and Loppers

We understand how important it is to keep your garden well maintained. This is why we stock a full range of cutting and pruning equipment, consisting of all the tools to help keep you on top pf your pruning tasks.

Our pruning and cutting tool range includes a vast range of anvil and bypass secateurs, hedge shears and loppers chopping and felling axes; basically everything required to keep your garden in tip top condition

We only stock the best pruning tools from renowned brands, such as Felco, Spear and Jackson and Fiskars, so you can shop in confidence knowing you are getting a quality garden tool.

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Felco Secateurs

Felco products are characterised by 3 core values; ergonomics, interchangeability and durability. Comfort for users, high quality materials and easily interchangeable parts and spares are what sets Felco secateurs and pruning shears apart from other companies

By listening to their target market closely and designing products which meet the needs of customers, Felco are able to deliver popular, high quality products to consumers.

Felco are constantly developing their products to include the latest innovative design features and materials, which is why Garden4Less are a proud stockist of Felco secateurs and pruning shears.

Browse the range and choose from our wide variety of Felco products. We're sure there's one to suit your needs.

Bypass Vs. Anvil Cutting Tools

There are two principle types of cutting tools; bypass or anvil. But which is better? The answer to this question is neither, as the different cutting actions are designed to carry out different pruning tasks.

Bypass pruning tools have a sharpened blade that ‘bypasses’ an unsharpened curved lower blade, in a scissor like motion, producing a very clean and precise cut. It is this ‘bypass’ motion and the precise cut that makes these pruners particularly suited to green and growing plants.

Anvil pruners have one sharpened blade and a lower flat or ‘anvil’ surface. The cut is achieved by the cutting blade crushing against the anvil blade. It is this crushing and cutting motion that makes anvil pruners ideal for cutting through woody and dead branches. If you were to use an anvil pruner on green or live branches, you are likely to cause damage to your plants.

In summary, whether you choose an anvil or bypass cutting tool will depend on the type of material that you are pruning. Thick, woody branches will call for an anvil pruner, whereas green and live branches will benefit from a bypass pruner.

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