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Hedgehog House

A Snug Hedgehouse House

At we have selected a hedgehog house range that is ideal for hibernating hedgehogs. Each house offers varying levels of protection from predators and the elements.

Once your hedgehog house is in place its best to cover the flooring with a mix of soil, leaves and straw, this will make a snug home for any homeless hedgehog. Loss of natural habitat is one of the biggest threats to hedgehogs in the UK and these homes will proved the perfect place to hibernate over winter. By covering the house with a dome of leaves, dried grass and twigs you will provide the hedgehog with additional protection from the harsh winter weather.


Hedgehogs usually avoid the coldest months of the year by hibernating, this usually occurs between November and April, but as the climate changes in the UK so is the hibernation pattern of the hedgehog.

Feeding Your Hedgehog

It's important that your hedgehog is at its ideal weight when it goes into hibernation. It should be around 600gms and never below 450gms. Feed should be put out daily and preferably in the evening.

Please take a look at the habitats below, we also recommend the British Hedgehog Preservation Society site for further reading. Please take a look at our Hedgehog Gallery, if you have any hedgehog images then please send them in and we can add them to the gallery.

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