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Claber Water Timers

Claber Water Timers

If you are tired are continuously watering your garden, then this great range of Claber water timers could interest you. With multiple watering programmes available, in easy to use systems, these timers will enable you to relax in your garden more instead of fretting about your plants’ watering needs.

Multi-watering programmes

This range of Claber water timers have multi-watering programmes, making it easy to select a water programme to suit your garden’s needs. For example, the Claber Dual Select Water Timer has an outlet timer for two hoses at once, with 98 watering programmes for each line that can be selected with 2 key buttons (14 times and 7 frequencies).

Easy to use

The Claber water timers are easy to use, with preset programmes. For example, the Aquano Logica takes just seconds to select from any of the 15 pre-set programs, making it ideal for use in all gardens.

Rain sensors

A useful addition to Claber water timers are rain sensors, which will turn the timers off automatically if it starts to rain. The Claber rain sensor is suitable for installation on any sprinkler system to avoid unnecessary wastage of water, as it shuts down automatic sprinkling when it is raining.


There are a range of replacement timer backs and connectors available to kepp your CLaber water timers in tiptop condition, such as the replacement back compartment for a Plus Claber Timer, or replacement 3/4 inch F Connector.

Other brands of water timers and accessories are also available. See our full range of Automatic Watering Systems here.

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