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Easyclear All-In-One Pump Filter by Hozelock

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Hozelock Easyclear Pump and Filter

The Hozelock EasyClear Pump and Filter is the ideal all-in-one solution for pond owners that desire clear and healthy water. These units eliminate the complexity of conventional filtration systems of separate pumps, filters and UVCs.

The EasyClear combines:

  • High performance pump for low running costs and long life
  • Integrated foam filters to catch waste particles, ensuring crystal clear pond water
  • Kaldnes biomedia chamber to accelerate the growth of the beneficial bacteria which are essential for healthy water and a balanced eco-system
  • Highly effective integrated UVC with a quartz tube which treats the pond water as it passes through the system, causing the suspended algae particles which cause green water to clump together so that the foam filter can trap them
  • The EasyClear creates an attractive water feature which will oxygenate the water for the benefit of the fish and pond plants. Water outlets can be adjusted to simultaneously produce a fountain with a choice of different heads and an attractive waterfall
  • The Ball Joint and Fountain Stem Extension Pipe allow for easy adjustment

EasyClear is easy to install and maintain:

  • One power cable for simple and cost effective installation
  • Independent flow control to adjust the size of the fountain or waterfall
  • Latch for tool free access to cleaning foams and Kaldnes biomedia
  • Anti-clog fountain strainer for low maintenance
  • Bayonet fitting for easy access to the UVC for maintenance
  • Water bypass allows continued UVC and fountain operation if foam is blocked

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