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Kamado Joe Accessories

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Kamado Joe Accessories

Maximise your barbecue potential with this range of Kamado Joe accessories. From grills and chicken rotisseries, to fuel and pots and pans, you will be able to cook some delicious outdoor meals with the help of these tools.

Grill and Stones

Choose from a wide variety of grills & stones from the Kamado Joes Accessories range, which will make your BBQ experience even better. Half moon in shape, they are made from soapstone or stainless steel; soapstone delivers even temperature distribution and is naturally antibacterial and stain-resistant, while stainless steel is durable and easy to clean. Explore Grills & stones.


Why not turn your BBQ into a pizza grill with the help of these pizza Kamado Joes Accessories. Cook on pizza stones which distribute heat evenly and absorb excess moisture, or easily remove pizzas from the oven using the pizza peel. For the serious BBQ cook, there is the DoJoe which easily turns the Kamado Joe BBQ into a pizza oven, maintaining steady temperatures to limit the risk of burning your food. Explore Pizza BBQ accessories.


Instead of using charcoal on the BBQ, there are smoking fuel chunk available that add a distinct smoky flavour to your BBQ food. These are made from such woods as maple, cherry, pecan and hickory. Explore Smoking fuel chunks.


Charcoal bags, fire starters and charcoal baskets (which separate the ash from charcoal lumps) are available for your BBQ fuel needs. Explore Fuel.

Chicken rotisserie

For when you want to cook chicken on the BBQ, these handy Kamado Joe accessories will help. The Kamado Joe Chicken Stand can be filled with beer, wine etc. to infuse your meat with rich flavours. The JOEtisserie allows you to have spit turned meats on the BBQ. Explore Chicken & rotisserie.

Pots and Pans

Expand your BBQ repertoire by using these quality pots and pans. The Kamado Joe wok and Dutch oven are made from durable cast iron and can be used to cook soups, stews, chillis, stir fires and curries on the BBQ. Explore Pots & pans.


These utensils will help make using your Kamado Joe easier. Pick up your grill safely with the Kamado Joe Grill Grate Lifter, and cut pizzas with ease with the Kamado Joe Pizza Cutter. Explore Utensils.

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