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Weave Storage Boxes

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Weave Storage Boxes

Take care of your outdoor storage needs with these stunning weave storage boxes. Featuring ranges from leading brands Hartman, Kettler and Katie Blake, these boxes are designed to provide a handsome weave storage place that will complement your existing garden furniture sets.

These storage boxes make useful places to store your garden furniture cushions when not in use, protecting them from the elements. In winter, when cushions and the box liner should be stored indoors, you can use the weave storage box to store other items such as tools and boots.

Hartman Storage Boxes

Hartman’s weave storage boxes are designed to perfectly match its existing garden furniture weave ranges, namely the Heritage, Curve and Westbury. They feature air pumps that enable the lids to be opened easily, and inner linings that protect the contents from water damage. Measuring around 150cm in length, they provide ample space for outdoor clutter. Explore Hartman Weave Storage Boxes

Kettler Storage Boxes

Kettler’s weave storage boxes have excellent durability, and come in shades and styles to match you garden. Designed to match the Palma range of garden furniture, these sturdy synthetic weave boxes come in white and rattan shades. Explore Kettler Weave Storage Boxes

Katie Blake Storage Boxes

Katie Blake produces modern toned weave storage boxes that are designed to match its furniture ranges, namely the Seville, and Chatsworth/Sandringham. Sturdy steel frames and waterproof linings ensure these storage boxes are designed to last. Explore Katie Blake Weave Storage Boxes

Contemporary colourways

This season’s weave storage boxes come with grey and lighter neutral toned weave, to suit a modern palette that would fit into most garden settings.


These storage boxes give you the peace of mind of being covered by substantial manufacturer warranties, from 3 years for Katie Blake, Kettler and Hartman storage boxes. If a cover is used over the box when out of season, Katie Blake’s storage boxes have an impressive 10 year warranty.

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