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Bosch Lawn Mowers

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Bosch Lawnmowers

Help your lawn look the best it can with one of these superb lawnmowers from leading brand Bosch. Choose from cordless, electric, or hand powered models, from value models right through to high end.


Bosch’s cordless lawnmowers benefit from having long life lithium batteries that can be fully charged in as little as 90 minutes. The CityMower model is designed for smaller, urban gardens, while the AdvancedRotak 36-850 provides a strain-free mow on lawns of up to 850m². They have handy features such as height adjustable blades, ergonomic handles and silent motor technology, for an easy to use mowing experience.

For a novel mowing experience, try the Indego 400 Connect robotic lawnmower, allowing you to sit back while the robotic mower does the grass cutting for you. It manoeuvres around obstacles and goes back to charge on its own, and can be easily controlled via smart device app .


Bosch’s range of electric lawnmowers come with similar handy features as the cordless, but do not need to be charged as they are plugged in to the mains electric. Cable length is around 10 metres.

Hand powered

Bosch has a simple, hand powered mower, for those who like no bells and whistle mowing. The Bosch hand powered lawnmower has a rear roller for stripes and stability along edges, and a 5 bladed cylinder for a clean cut.

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