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Bosch Garden Shredders Including Quiet & Rapid Models

Garden shredders are the perfect tool for clearing all types of garden waste and debris. The impact or Rapid shredders are ideal for smaller gardens that have soft or greener materials. Whereas, the quite models are suited to larger gardens and are capable of dealing with all types of garden waste. We recommend the Bosch AXT 25TC, but don't just take our word for it, check out the customer reviews.

Bosch Garden Shredders

Bosch Garden Shredders efficiently shred, while reducing the volume of garden waste for easy disposal, composting or mulching. From the fast and powerful to the quiet and tough, each shredder is specifically designed with efficiency of function and purpose.

  • Bosch Quiet Shredder
    The Bosch Quiet Shredder AXT 25TC is one of the most quiet shredders available today. Noise levels measure up to 82db - quieter than an average kitchen blender! Effective at cutting branches, thick and thin, wet or dry, the quiet mechanism in the Bosch Quiet Shredder is great at pulling in spiny and awkward twigs that are known to cause blockages in conventional shredders.
  • Bosch Rapid Shredder
    The Bosch Rapid Shredder is light and thus extremely mobile. To accelerate filling, Bosch has developed an innovative funnel design with a larger hopper inlet. The patented prodder coupled with the Powerdrive 2200 watt motor guarantees speedy work and a high material throughput.
  • Bosch Garden Shredder
    The Bosch Garden Shredder AXT 25 D is perfect for shredding up all the shrubbery that is making your garden look like an overgrown rainforest. With a specially developed cutting drum system and a 38mm hopper feed, this shredder has been purpose-built for twigs, branches and hedge-trimmings.

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